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After one friendship, two successful photography businesses and many people asking “Do you do weddings?”, we decided to join forces and created [i do] wedding photography. With a creative and comfortable style, we will create lovely and vibrant images that are as unique and beautiful as you are. Using mostly natural light and minimal posing, we will capture your special day in a non-traditional, real-life kinda way.

We are available for weddings in the treasure valley and surrounding areas. Complete wedding packages begin at $2500. Please email us for a detailed price list or to check availability.

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The Big Day = Kylee + Cody

It was the perfect day in Idaho Falls the sky was a stunning blue, and the sun was shining...or should we say "beaming down" on this beautiful couple.

Here's mom waiting to introduce you........any second now they'll be coming through the doors.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Cody Mortenson.

The whole jubilant group who attended the day of the ceremony.

Now this is one incredibly beautiful line.....hmmm, wonder if any of these bridesmaids and groomsmen might.....well, it doesn't hurt to plant the seed.


Up, Up and Away...................................................................

We have to tell you a little funny about Sam. Earlier at the reception we had been talking to him and teasing with him that he would be the next to marry. He was like "no way....uh uh....that will not be me." So, here goes Cody with the big flip of the garter....and look at all those anxious faces...saying "pick me, pick me". And, look at Sam trying to be nonchalant...but you can see if you really take a close look at him that he wants that garter.
And look at that, Sam throwing himself over everyone to get it. I think we know who the next one married is going to be. We can't wait to shoot your wedding Sam!We wish you all could have been there for the open mike. Cody and Kylee were paid the highest tributes by all of their family and friends. These are two amazing individuals....and even greater things are in store for them as a couple.

And they thought they were going to be able to hide their car from Lindsey!

One last look at Mr. and Mrs. Mortensen.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We have a memory etched in our hearts forever.

Sonnet & Randi

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